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The ten Fetters

30/12/2010 15:55
  "There are these ten fetters. Which ten? Five lower fetters and five higher fetters. And which are the five lower fetters? Personality view, doubt, clinging to rules and observaces, sensual desire, and ill will. These are the five lower fetters. And which are the five higher fetters? Passion...

The four divine Abodes "NEW"

28/12/2010 19:12
  "And what, student, is the path to union with Brahmâ? There is the case where a monk keeps pervading the first direction [the east] with an awareness imbued with loving kindness, likewise the second, likewise the third, likewise the fourth. Thus above, below, and all around, everywhere, in...

Dependent Co-Arising

24/10/2010 15:21
A new study guide on Dependent Co-Arising (Paticcasamuppada) is now available.

A- Just like a Fire goes out

09/10/2010 19:48
  Just as if a great mass of fire of ten... twenty... thirty or forty cartloads of firewood were burning, into which a man simply would not continuously throw dried grass, dried cow dung, or dried firewood, so that the great mass of fire — its original sustenance being consumed, and no other...

B- Inclining the Mind to the Deathless

08/10/2010 20:38
  He regards whatever phenomena there that are connected with form, feeling, perception, formations and consciousness as impermanent, suffering, a cancer, an arrow, painful, an affliction, alien, isappearing, empty, non-self. He turns his mind away from those phenomena and,having done...

C- You are not there

02/10/2010 11:56
 (...) When for you, Bāhiya, there will be only the seen in the seen, only the heard in the heard, only the sensed in the sensed, only the cognized in the cognized, then, Bahiya, there is no you in terms of that. When there is no you in terms of that, you are not there. When you are not...

G- Consciousness without Characteristic

01/10/2010 15:29
Consciousness without characteristic, without end, luminous all around: here water, earth, fire, and wind have no footing. Here long and short, gross and fine, fair and foul, name and form are completely brought to an end. With the cessation of consciousness, each is here brought to an end....

D- Empty is the World

01/10/2010 13:18
 Insofar as it is empty of a self or of anything pertaining to a self: Thus it is said, Ananda, that the world is empty. And what is empty of a self or of anything pertaining to a self? The eye is empty of a self or of anything pertaining to a self. Forms... Eye-consciousness... ...

The Aggregate of Feeling

01/10/2010 11:13
There are three kinds of feeling: pleasant feeling, painful feeling, & neither-pleasant-nor-painful feeling... Whatever is experienced physically or mentally as pleasant & gratifying is pleasant feeling. Whatever is experienced physically or mentally as painful & hurting is...

E- No substance in the Five Aggregates

23/09/2010 16:14
  Monks, suppose that a great lump of foam were floating down this Ganges River, and a man with good sight were to see it, observe it, and carefully examine it. To him — seeing it, observing it, and carefully examining it — it would appear void, hollow, without substance: for what...
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