The first step of Vipassana - Chapter 18 of the Visuddhimagga

07/02/2010 11:57
   The chapter 18 of the Visuddhimagga called « The purification of view », which is synonynmous with  « analytical knowledge of name and form », exposes the first step of vipassana. At this stage, the view of a self is destroyed. This chapter of the visuddhimagga...

9 steps of Vipassana: The Chapter 21 of the Visuddhimagga

22/01/2010 17:01
  Here you will find a short summary of Chapter 21 (Purification by Knowledge and Vision of the Way) of the Visuddhimagga In this chapter are exposed 9 knowledges or 9 steps in which vipassana is developped.   1. Knowledge of Contemplation of Rise and Fall (Udaya-bbaya) In this first...