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Vipassana: 1st step- Ch.18 of the Visuddhimagga.

07/02/2010 12:34
Eradicating the view of a self is the first step of vipassana. It is exposed in chapter 18 of the Visuddhimagga.  A guide to this chapter is now available on the "Visuddhimagga" page.

The first step of Vipassana - Chapter 18 of the Visuddhimagga

07/02/2010 11:57
   The chapter 18 of the Visuddhimagga called « The purification of view », which is synonynmous with  « analytical knowledge of name and form », exposes the first step of vipassana. At this stage, the view of a self is destroyed. This chapter of the visuddhimagga...

Vipassana in 9 steps: Visuddhimagga chapter 21

22/01/2010 17:09
A short summary of the 21th chapter of the Visuddhimagga is now available.

9 steps of Vipassana: The Chapter 21 of the Visuddhimagga

22/01/2010 17:01
  Here you will find a short summary of Chapter 21 (Purification by Knowledge and Vision of the Way) of the Visuddhimagga In this chapter are exposed 9 knowledges or 9 steps in which vipassana is developped.   1. Knowledge of Contemplation of Rise and Fall (Udaya-bbaya) In this first...


08/01/2010 22:20
Welcome to Dhamma - Study of Theravada texts. On this site you will find an anthology of the main suttas, a word-by-word translation of the Dhammapada (currently three chapters are translated), and a guide to the study of the Visuddhimagga. A study guide of dependent co-arising  is now added.

Chapter III of the Dhammapada is now available.

08/01/2010 22:06
Please click on the following link:  

Dhammapada Ch.3 Cittavagga (The mind)

08/01/2010 21:29
   33 [III.1] Phandanaṃ capalaṃ cittaṃ durakkhaṃ dunnivârayaṃ, ujuṃ karoti medhàvî usukâro va tejanaṃ.   Wavering, unsteady, Hard to guard, hard to check, The mind – The wise makes it straight, As the fletcher an arrow.   Phanada (adj.)= wavering capala (adj.) =...

Chapter II (Vigilance); complete translation now available

04/01/2010 21:06

Dhammapada Ch.2 - Appamâda (Vigilance)

31/12/2009 08:23
  21. [II.1] Appamâdo amatapadaṃ, pamâdo maccuno padaṃ, appamattâ na mîyanti, ye pamattâ yathâ matâ.    Vigilance is the path to the deathless Negligence the path to death, The vigilant do not die, The negligent are as if dead.   Appamâda (nom. sg.) = Vigilance Amata-padam...

Dhammapada Ch.1 - Yamaka (Twins)

31/12/2009 08:19
1. Manopubbaṅgama dhammâ Manoseṭṭhâ, manomayâ Manasâ ce paduṭṭhena Bhasati va karoti va Tato nam dukkham anveti   Cakkam va vahato padam.   Things are preceded by mind Ruled by mind, made by mind If one speaks or acts With a defiled mind Then suffering follows As the wheel the path of...
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