The ten Fetters

30/12/2010 15:55


"There are these ten fetters. Which ten? Five lower fetters and five higher fetters. And which are the five lower fetters? Personality view, doubt, clinging to rules and observaces, sensual desire, and ill will. These are the five lower fetters. And which are the five higher fetters? Passion for form, passion for the formless, conceit, restlessness, and ignorance. These are the five higher fetters. And these are the ten fetters."

AN 10.13 Sanyojana Sutta: Fetters

« Dasa imāni bhikkhave saṃyojanāni, katamāni dasa: pañcorambhāgiyāni saṃyojanāni, pañcuddhambhāgiyāni saṃyojanāni. »
Dasa = ten

imāni = these

saṃyojanāni (nom. pl.)= fetters

katamāni = what
pañc'orambhāgiyāni (nom. pl.)=the five lower fetters:


''Katamāni pañcorambhāgiyāni saṃyojanāni: sakkāyadiṭṭhiṃ, vicikicchā sīlabbataparāmāso, kāmacchando, byāpādoti. Imāni pañcorambhāgiya saṃyojanāni.''

sakkāyadiṭṭhiṃ (nom. sg.)= personality view

vicikicchā (nom. sg.)= doubt

sīlabbataparāmāso (nom. sg.)= clinging to rule and observances

kāmacchando (nom. sg.)= sensual desire,

byāpādo (nom. sg.)= ill will
'' Katamāni pañcuddhambhāgiyāni saṃyojanāni: rūparāgo, arūparāgo, māno, uddhaccaṃ, avijjā, imāni kho pañcuddhambhāgiyāni, saṃyojanāni. Imāni kho bhikkhave dasasaṃyojanānīti.''

pañc'uddhambhāgiyāni = the five higher

rūparāgo (nom. sg.)= passion for form

arūparāgo (nom. sg.)= passion for the formless,

māno (nom. sg.)= conceit

uddhaccaṃ (nom. sg.)= restlessness

avijjā (nom. sg.)= ignorance