G- Consciousness without Characteristic

01/10/2010 15:29

Consciousness without characteristic, without end, luminous all around: here water, earth, fire, and wind have no footing. Here long and short, gross and fine, fair and foul, name and form are completely brought to an end. With the cessation of consciousness, each is here brought to an end.


 Viññāṇaṃ anidassanaṃ anantaṃ sabbato pahaṃ
Ettha āpo ca paṭhavī tejo vāyo na gādhati
Ettha dīghañca rassañca aṇuṃ thūlaṃ subhāsubhaṃ
Ettha nāmañca rūpañca asesaṃ uparujjhati.
Viññāṇassa nirodhena etthetaṃ uparujjhatīti. (...)

 DN 11 Kevatta (Kevaddha) Sutta: To Kevatta

Viññāṇaṃ = consciousness

anidassanaṃ = without characteristic

anantaṃ = without end

sabbato pahaṃ = luminous al around

Ettha = here

āpo = water

ca paṭhavī = earth

tejo = fire

vāyo= air

na gādhati = has no footing

dīghañca rassañca = long and short

aṇuṃ thūlaṃ = subtle and gross

subhāsubhaṃ = fair and foul

nāmañca rūpañca = name and form

asesaṃ uparujjhati = brought to an end completely

nirodhena (inst. sg.) = with the cessation