The four Noble truths The first discourse of the Buddha.

The five Aggregates What are the constituents of the world.

The twelve Bases "NEW" The constituents of the world from a different angle.

The 3 Characteristics The 3 characteristics of phenomena, i.e: impermanence, suffering, non-self.

Dependent Co-Arising How does suffering come about?

Kamma One aspect of the origination of suffering.

Nibbâna The cessation of suffering.

The noble eightfold Path The way leading to the cessation of suffering.

Right concentration The jhânas.

Right Mindfulness The 4 kinds of Satipatthana (to come soon).

The kilesas "NEW" Various types of kilesas.

The 4 types of Noble Persons "NEW" The stream-enterer, the once-returner, the non-returner, the arahant.