The four divine Abodes "NEW"

28/12/2010 19:12
  "And what, student, is the path to union with Brahmâ? There is the case where a monk keeps pervading the first direction [the east] with an awareness imbued with loving kindness, likewise the second, likewise the third, likewise the fourth. Thus above, below, and all around, everywhere, in...

The Recollection of the Buddha, the Dhamma, the Sangha

15/09/2010 17:57
  "There is the case where the disciple of the noble ones recollects the Tathagata, thus: 'Indeed, the Blessed One is an arhat, a perfect buddha, consummate in knowledge and conduct, well-gone, knower of the world, an unexcelled leader for those to be tamed, the Teacher of devas and humans,...