The 4 Types of Individuals

Stream-Entry: the 4 Factors "NEW"

27/03/2011 19:32
   "And which are the four factors of stream-entry with which he is endowed? "There is the case where the disciple of the noble ones is endowed with perfect confidence in the Buddha ... perfect confidence in the Dhamma... perfect confidence in the Sangha... He is endowed with virtues...

The Remainder of the Conceit "I am" in the Non-Returner "NEW"

27/03/2011 19:29
  [Khemaka:] Friends, it's not that I say 'I am form,' nor do I say 'I am something other than form.' It's not that I say, 'I am feeling... perception... formations... consciousness,' nor do I say, 'I am something other than consciousness.' With regard to these five clinging-aggregates, 'I am'...

The 4 types of Noble Persons "NEW"

27/03/2011 17:50
  "In this sangha of bhikkhus there are bhikkhus who are arahants, whose taints are destroyed, who have reached fulfillment, done the task, laid down the burden, reached the true goal, totally destroyed the fetter of Existence, and who are released through perfect knowledge. Such bhikkhus are...