08/01/2010 22:20
Welcome to Dhamma - Study of Theravada texts. On this site you will find an anthology of the main suttas, a word-by-word translation of the Dhammapada (currently three chapters are translated), and a guide to the study of the Visuddhimagga. A study guide of dependent co-arising  is now added.


Dependent Co-Arising

24/10/2010 15:21
A new study guide on Dependent Co-Arising (Paticcasamuppada) is now available.

Suttas: an anthology

18/04/2010 19:14
I'm starting to publish an anthology of the suttas, with word by word translations from pali.

Vipassana: 1st step- Ch.18 of the Visuddhimagga.

07/02/2010 12:34
Eradicating the view of a self is the first step of vipassana. It is exposed in chapter 18 of the Visuddhimagga.  A guide to this chapter is now available on the "Visuddhimagga" page. https://dhamma.webnode.com/visuddhimagga/

Vipassana in 9 steps: Visuddhimagga chapter 21

22/01/2010 17:09
A short summary of the 21th chapter of the Visuddhimagga is now available.

Chapter III of the Dhammapada is now available.

08/01/2010 22:06
Please click on the following link: https://dhamma.webnode.com/dhammapada  

Chapter II (Vigilance); complete translation now available

04/01/2010 21:06

Visitors notice

30/12/2009 10:45
The word-by-word translation of the Dhammapada will soon be finished.