The three Taints "NEW"

02/02/2011 21:21


    ''There are three taints: the taint of sensual Desire, the taint of Existence and the taint of Ignorance. With the arising of Ignorance there is the arising of the taints. With the cessation of ignorance there is the cessation of the taints. ''

MN 9 Sammaditthi Sutta: The Discourse on Right View


''Tayo'me āvuso āsavā: kāmāsavo bhavāsavo avijjāsavo. Avijjāsamudayā āsavasamudayo. Avijjānirodhā āsavanirodho. ''

Tayo = three

āsavā (nom. pl.)= taints

kāmāsavo (nom. sg.)= the taint of sensual Desire

bhavāsavo (nom. sg.)= the taint of Existence

Avijjāsavo (nom. sg.)= the taint of Ignorance

Avijjā-samudayā (abl. sg.)= with the arising of Ignorance

āsava-samudayo (nom. sg.)= the arising of Taints

Avijjā-nirodhā (abl. sg.) = with the cessation of Ignorance

āsavanirodho (nom. sg.) = te cessation of Taints