The three Roots

13/02/2011 18:59


"And what is the root of the unwholesome? Greed is a root of the unwholesome; hate is a root of the unwholesome; delusion is a root of the unwholesome. This is called the root of the unwholesome.

MN 9 Sammaditthi Sutta: Right View

''Katamañcāvuso akusalamūlaṃ ? Lobho akusalamūlaṃ, doso akusalamūlaṃ, moho akusalamūlaṃ. Idaṃ vuccatāvuso akusalamūlaṃ''

Katamaṃ-ca āvuso akusalamūlaṃ (nom. sg.)= what is, my friend, the root of the unwholemsome

lobho (nom. sg.)= greed

doso (nom. sg.)= hate

moho (nom. sg.)= delusion

vuccati = is called