The All "NEW"

22/04/2011 14:04


What is the All? Simply the eye and forms, ear and sounds, nose and aromas, tongue and flavors, body and tactile objects, mind and mind objects. This, monks, is called the All. Anyone who would say, ''Rejecting this All, I will describe another,'' if questioned on what exactly might be the grounds for his statement, would be unable to explain, and furthermore, would undergo vexation. Why? Because it cannot be found.

SN 35.23 -Sabba Sutta: The All

    Kiñca bhikkhave sabbaṃ: cakkhuñceva rūpā ca sotañca saddā ca ghānañca gandhā ca jivhā ca rasā ca kāyo ca phoṭṭhabbā ca mano ca dhammā ca idaṃ vuccati bhikkhave sabbaṃ.
    Kiñca bhikkhave sabbaṃ (nom. sg.)= what is the all

    cakkhuñ (nom. sg.)-ceva rūpā (nom. pl.) ca = simply the eye and forms

    sotañ (nom. sg.)-ca saddā (nom. pl.) ca = ear and sounds

    ghānañ (nom. sg.)-ca gandhā (nom. pl.)ca = nose and aromas

    jivhā (nom. sg.) ca rasā (nom. pl.) ca = tongue and flavors

    kāyo (nom. sg.) ca phoṭṭhabbā (nom. pl.) ca = body and tactile objects

    mano (nom. sg.)ca dhammā (nom. pl.) ca = mind and mind objects

    idaṃ (nom. sg.) vuccati bhikkhave sabbaṃ. (nom. sg.)= this, monks, is called the All

    Yo bhikkhave evaṃ vadeyya: ahametaṃ sabbaṃ paccakkhāya aññaṃ sabbaṃ paññāpessāmīti, tassā vācāvatthurevassa-Puṭṭho ca na sampāyeyya, uttariñca vighātaṃ āpajjeyya, taṃ kissa hetu yathā taṃ bhikkhave avisayasminti.

    Yo bhikkhave evaṃ vadeyya = anyone who would say

    aham-etaṃ sabbaṃ (acc. sg.) paccakkhāya = rejecting this All

    aññaṃ sabbaṃ (acc. sg.) paññāpessāmi = I will declare another whole

    tassā vācā-vatthur-evassa = on what exactly might be the grounds for his statement,

    puṭṭho ca = if questioned

    na sampāyeyya = would be unable to explain,

    uttariñ-ca = and furthermore

    vighātaṃ (acc. sg.) āpajjeyya = would undergo vexation

    taṃ kissa hetu =Why?

    yathā taṃ avisayasmin =because it cannot be found